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By the end of 1998, we had a project, funding and a Steering Committee had been formed - it is interesting to look back at the pioneering first organisations and folk - they met first in January 1999:

the Ultralab Team: Alex Blanc Designer, Lys Chandler Administrator, Julia Duckworth Project Manager, Carole Chapman Communities, Claire Gregory (who was on Work Experience then), Stephen Heppell Project Director, Tom Smith Software

And indeed Julia was our first appointed Project Manager. She was followed by Theresa Selvey.

Nigel Paine was there right from the start - staying with supporting the project through some significant job changes - finally he was an influential Trustee at the Inclusion Trust, also resigning when Stephen and trustee John Rudkin did.

The department heroes were Rob Smith (see origins) and Paul Jackson. Charlie Clarke was our great saviour as a minister (how we miss him - he really understood didn't he?) and Larry Ellison for funding, our original software environment.

Take a bow everyone - you created this remarkable project. Now it has been working for more than a decade, it all seems obvious really, but at the time this lot were very brave indeed.

origins | first diagram | vocabulary | early heroes | the future | informal exclusion


today, is run by a charity, the Inclusion Trust which I chaired until 2009. You can find the Inclusion Trust here.

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